Special / Custom Fabricated Belts

We design, build, manufacture belts in many different materials such as Urethane, PVC, Nylon, Rubber, Silicon, EPDM to exacting tolerances for our customers. We design custom conveyor belts to address the specific needs of our customers. Our Design and Quality departments work hand in hand to ensure that our belts will be performing to the standards expected and demanded by our customers.

Responding to our customer needs, we developed customized Perforated Belts, Silicon Coated Belts, Sponge Belts, Belts with Cleats, Sidewall and V-guide, Vacuum Conveyor Belts, Timing belts with custom made Profiles, etc. These belts are used as Feeders, Hoppers, Processing Machines, Massage Belts, Compression Belts, Sorting, Segregating Products, Timed application for many applications in Food industry such as Noodles, Breakfast Cereals, Confectionery, Snacks, Fruits, Vegetables, Tea processing as well as in various non-food applications such as Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Mechanical and Electronic spares, FMCG products, Cigarette, Tobacco, etc.

At Nitta, we build and finish customized conveyor belts, integrating features such as custom milling, coatings and finishing. In the conveyor belt industry, we have built a unique team of customer-focused professionals. We have integrated Design, Manufacturing, Quality and Sales, Shipping teams second to none in the industry.