Haul Off / Puller Seamless Belting for the Extrusion Industry

  • Thickness up to 25mm (Call for Thicker Requirements)
  • Engineered from Design to Completion
  • Custom Covers – Profiling/Indexing/Grooving
  • Covers Adhere to:
    • Urethane
    • Rubber
    • Flat Belt
    • Timing Belt
    • Poly / Micro Vee
    • Banded Vee
    • Plastic / Nylon
Product Line Colour Hardness Shore A Features
CCB NBR50 WT White 50 Non-Marking Excellent Grip Oli Resistant
CCB NR40 BLU Blue 40 Non-Marking Excellent Grip High Strength and Abrasion Resistance
CCB NR70 GY Grey 70 Excellent Abrasion Resistance Very High Tensile Strength Non-Marking
CCB EPM60 BK Black 60 High Temperature Applications Cost Effective
CCB NR70 BK Black 70 High Abrasion Resistance Anti-Pilling
CCB SBR70 YE Yellow 70 Extremely High Tensile Strength Good Abrasion Resistance
CCB SIL50 WT FDA White 50 FDA Approved High Temperature High Release
CCB NBR35 WT White 35 Excellent Grip Non-Marking Oil Resistant