Conveyor Belts for Food Processing

In conveying food products, hygiene plays a very important role. The belt material must be chemically inert and there must often be an option for fitting sealed edges and closed skirts. Also, colour can be an important parameter in selecting the belt material to be used. The food product must clearly differentiate from the belt material in order to avoid any possible contamination.

Frayless Belts

Nitta Corporation now offers frayless materials – a critical product category for use in food industry applications – as part of Nitta’s expanded line of thermoplastic polyurethane (PU) conveyor belting. These belts, featuring layers of frayless polyester fabric, are designed to eliminate the issue of contamination from fraying, a potential problem inherent in belts that utilize conventional fabric.

In conveying food products, hygiene plays a very important role. The belt material must be chemically inert and there must be an option for fitting sealed edges.

Nitta’s new PU material excels through its exceptional resistance to grease, oils and chemicals. Nitta PU belts offer better wear resistance and a lower coefficient of friction (COF), which is desirable for applications where products accumulate on the belt. Belts are highly flexible, easy to clean and have an extremely long life.

During manufacturing, Nitta uses a state-of-the-art process to press and homogenize the cover material with calendar rollers, achieving a constant, compact structure with optimal layer adhesion. This brings a significant advantage to applications by reducing contamination and making belts easier to clean. Benefits include less downtime for conveyor systems and by extension, the entire production line, as well as facilitating the required approvals for contact with food.

All Nitta frayless PU conveyor belting is:

  • 2-ply with PU top cover, impregnated fabric bottom cover, frayless polyester
  • FDA-approved
  • Highly resistant to oil and grease

Multiple configurations available to suit a variety of application parameters:

  • Antistatic or non-antistatic
  • White, blue, green, black, grey or amber top cover colours
  • Matte or gloss finish

Ideal for food processing applications such as bakeries and confectioneries, manufacturers of sweets and chocolates and meat processors.

FDA compliance
Nitta’s conveyor belts for the food industry comply with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and European Union (10/2011/EC + amendments) requirements. Nitta also offers food belts with excellent oil and grease resistance, which make them ideal for use in the production of, biscuits, bread, snacks, sweets and meat.