Nitta Moore Hose and Tube

Nitta manufactures a complete line of hose and tubing products with the same customer-focused approach to design, build and support as Nitta’s other products.

Nitta offers low and high-pressure Linemate™ Thermoplastic hose products. These durable, lightweight hoses are clean and eco-friendly and allow for easy piping due to small OD and tight bend radius. Assembly is quick and simple with swage or exclusive push-one “Campucka” couplings. Linemate’s high build quality and ease of use minimize downtime: installs are shorter and systems stay up and running longer.

We also offer tubing products for pneumatic and fluid transport applications in inch and metric versions. Available types include polyurethane, nylon, polyolefin, fluorocarbon and flame-resistant. Fitting options include PushOne, Chemifit® (for use in ultrapure applications, such as pharmaceutical or cleanroom) and QuickSeal.